How to Set Up Your Camera

Music Transfer is an application that changes or adds music used in "Slideshow with music," "Highlight," or "Highlight Movie Maker" of the camera with a PC.
The camera must be set before using this application.

Camera Setting Method

  1. Turn on the camera and switch to Download Music mode.
    • Setting Method with "Action Cam"
      FDR-X1000V, HDR-AS200V :
        Select [SETUP] - [CONFG] - [BGM] - [DL] .
      FDR-X3000, HDR-AS300 / AS50 :
        Select [ Main Settings] - [ BGM] - [ DL] .
    • Setting Method with "Handycam"
      Select [MENU] - [Setup] - [Playback Settings Playback Settings] - [Download Music].
    • Setting Method with "Cyber-shot"
      Select [MENU] - [Settings Settings] - [Main Settings Main Settings] - [Download Music].
  2. Connect the camera and PC with the supplied USB cable.
  3. The saved music on the camera is displayed. You can select music to change or add.