Remote Camera Control Ver.3.6.00 for Mac OS X

When the camera is connected to a computer, you can use "Remote Camera Control" to take pictures or change settings on the camera from the computer.

Improvements from the previous version

  • ILCE-7SM2 is added for the supported models.
  • OS X v10.11 (El Capitan) is added for the supported OS.

Applicable products
  • DSC-RX1RM2(*1,*2), DSC-RX10M2(*2), DSC-RX10M3(*1,*2), DSC-RX100M4
  • DSLR-A700 , DSLR-A850 , DSLR-A900
  • ILCA-68, ILCA-77M2
  • ILCE-5000, ILCE-5100, ILCE-6000, ILCE-6300, ILCE-7, ILCE-7M2, ILCE-7R, ILCE-7RM2(*1), ILCE-7S, ILCE-7SM2(*1)
  • SLT-A58 , SLT-A99/A99V
(*1)  : 
RAW File Types (Compressed/Uncompressed) cannot be switched using the Remote Camera Control. Use the MENU on the camera instead.
(*2)  : 
To change the aperture, use the aperture ring on the lens. You cannot change it using the Remote Camera Control.

There are models which are not sold in certain countries and regions.

  Refer to <here> for details.
Please click the [Download] button below.
The download of [RCC36_1510b.dmg](5,642,700Bytes) begins.
Installation procedure
  1. Double click the [RCC36_1510b.dmg] icon displayed on the desktop.
    It is normally saved in the Download folder.

  2. Double click [RCC_INST.pkg] in the opened folder to start installation.
    Follow the instructions in the screen.


For DSLR-A700/A850/A900 users:
The Auto icon of the camera and that of Remote Camera Control are different as follows.

 Auto icon on DSLR-A700/A850/A900

 Auto icon on Remote Camera Control Ver.3.6

For Image Data Suite (Remote Camera Control Ver.2.0) users:
As Remote Camera Control Ver.2.0 is a part of Image Data Suite, it will not be overwritten by installing Ver.3.6.
If you install Ver.3.6 to the computer where Ver.2.0 is already installed, both Ver.2.0 and Ver.3.6 exist together.
In this case, however, you cannot use Ver.2.0 and Ver.3.6 at the same time.

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