HDR-PJ790E : Connect your smartphone to your camera

* Wireless Adapter (ADP-WL1M) is required.

  • Connecting by Wi-Fi Using an SSID and Password

    You can connect the camera and your smartphone by selecting the camera’s SSID (DIRECT-xxxx:xxxx). This will allow you to perform remote shooting with the camera in PlayMemories Mobile.
    - Terms on the screen may be different depending on your camera and smartphone.

    1. On models that have the camera application [Smart Remote Control], select MENU → (Application) → [Application List] and launch [Smart Remote Embedded] or [Smart Remote Control].
    On models that do not have [Smart Remote Control], select [Ctrl w/ Smartphone] from the menu of the camera.

    2. On an Android smartphone, launch PlayMemories Mobile, and then select the camera’s SSID.
    On an iPhone/iPad, select [Settings] on the "Home" screen → [Wi-Fi] → the camera’s SSID. Once the connection is established, launch PlayMemories Mobile.
    In both cases, you only need to input the password the first time.

    * Wireless Adapter (ADP-WL1M) is required.

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