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How to use Image Data Lightbox SR
How to use Image Data Converter SR
1. Opening image files
2. Adjustment
3. Output
How to use Image Data Converter SR
3. Output

When you have finished with brightness / color adjustment and reached satisfying results, save the images.
In Image Data Converter SR, converting RAW images to JPEG or TIFF and saving them is called "output." On the other hand, overwriting them or saving them as different names while remaining the format type is called "save."
The procedure to output images is described below.

First, switch to the [Standard Display].

Next, select [Output...] from the [File] menu.

The output window appears. Select settings such as file type here.
Save as type: If you use it for general purpose such as printing, we recommend that you should select [JPEG Files].
Compression: [Compression Level: 1] will bring you high quality images.
Color space: [sRGB] is recommended for JPEG images.
Portion to save: You can select either entire image or 16:9 area according to your preference.
Image size (Width, Height): You may leave them as they are unless you attach the image to an e-mail.
Confirm the setting and folder to save, and click [Save].

Now output has finished.

If you want to process the RAW image later with the same parameters and settings, select [Save] or [Save As...] from the [File] menu to save the RAW image, too. The original parameters (As shot version) remain even if you overwrite it by saving.
However, RAW images saved with Image Data Converter SR cannot be opened in principle with software of other companies such as Apple iPhoto or Adobe Lightroom. If you use these softwares, leave the original images as they are; save the adjusted images only as different files by selecting [Save As...].

* Refer to Help on the software for details.