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How to use Image Data Lightbox SR
1. Creating collections
2. Rating images
3. Selecting images
How to use Image Data Converter SR
How to use Image Data Lightbox SR
1. Creating collections

First, select [Create New Collection...] in the [File] menu.

Then add-files-to-collection window opens so that you can select either adding files or adding a folder. Select whichever you like. For example, if you want to add all the pictures taken in an event, [Add a Folder...] would be suitable.

If you click [Add a Folder...], the browse-for-folder window opens. Select desirable folder and click [OK].

Then image data in the folder is imported and thumbnail pictures are shown.

If you want to add more pictures, select [Add Files...] or [Add Folder...] from [Add Files to Collection] option in the [File] menu. You can also add images or folder on Explorer (Finder if you use Macintosh) by dragging and dropping them to the Image Data Lightbox SR window.

If you include thousands of pictures in one collection, it will be difficult to view and select your favorite pictures. We recommend that you save collections by day or event.
* Refer to Help on the software for details.
2. Rating images