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Is there any difference between PlayMemories Home for Windows and for Mac?

What happens if I install PlayMemories Home on a computer with PMB (Picture Motion Browser) already installed?

The message [Installation canceled because communication with the network was lost] appears and cannot install the software.

I cannot download or install DVD-Video add-on software.

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What types of images can I import into PlayMemories Home?

PlayMemories Home does not start up or does not operate properly.

I cannot view the images I stored on PlayMemories Home.

Cannot import : when the photos can be imported but AVCHD or MPEG-2 movies cannot be imported

Cannot import : when an SDXC memory card is used

After installing PlayMemories Home, imported movies by PMB are not displayed.

Playback / Edit
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Can video files be combined?

Can I convert video files?

Videos cannot be played back properly with PlayMemories Home.

The video I exported to my camera cannot be played back.

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I cannot find an option to create a Blu-ray disc on PlayMemories Home.

It takes a lot of time to create the disc.

Error message [Cannot detect a drive to write to.] appears.

Error message [Some of the selected media files will not be written to the disc because they are in file formats that are not supported.] appears.

Error message [Cannot write to this disc. Insert a recordable disc.] appears.

An "unknown error" sometimes occurs while I am editing video or authoring DVDs.