What is PlayMemories Mobile?

Usable features differ depending on the version of PlayMemories Mobile. Use of the latest version is recommended.


  • 1. Operating the camera using a smartphone

    Your mobile device, such as a smartphone, can be used as a remote commander for the camera.
    Operations such as releasing the shutter, starting/stopping the recording, and zooming are available.

  • The Quick Viewer function offers seamless switching between shooting and viewing modes just by tapping the smartphone screen.

  • 2. Image Transfer

    Images recorded with your camera can be transferred easily to the mobile device.

    If you use [Sync to Smartphone] of PlayMemories Camera Apps, available with some of the Alpha cameras equipped with the Wi-Fi function, image data can be transferred to your smartphone automatically.

    Image data format to be transferred

    Photo: JPG (Original, 2M, VGA)

    Movie: MP4 (AVCHD not supported)

Functions you can use vary depending on the camera.
Refer to <Applicable Products> for details.

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