What is PlayMemories Mobile?

Usable features differ depending on the version of PlayMemories Mobile. Use of the latest version is recommended.


  • 1. Smart Remote Control

    Your mobile device, such as a smartphone, can be used as a remote commander for the camera.
    Operations such as releasing the shutter, starting/stopping the recording, and zooming are available.

  • Now more comfortable with PlayMemories Mobile application ver.4.0
    The Quick Viewer function on PlayMemories Mobile ver.4.0 offers seamless switching between shooting and viewing modes without the need to open up another app.

  • 2. Image Transfer

    Images recorded with your camera can be transferred easily to the mobile device.

    If you use [Sync to Smartphone] of PlayMemories Camera Apps, available with some of the Alpha cameras equipped with the Wi-Fi function, image data can be transferred to your smartphone automatically.

    Image data format to be transferred

    Photo: JPG (Original, 2M, VGA)

    Movie: MP4 (AVCHD not supported)

Functions you can use vary depending on the camera.
Refer to <Applicable Products> for details.

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