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“PlayMemories Online”

What is PlayMemories Online?

You can upload photos and videos for easy share with your family and friends.

PlayMemories Online is a cloud computing service for photos and videos provided by Sony. (Free of charge with capacity of 5GB.)

You can do the following.
- Upload photos and videos easily.
- View them on various devices everywhere.
- Share them with your family and friends easily.

You can enjoy images on various devices anytime and anywhere.

You can easily upload images from tablets and smartphones besides computers to enjoy them on various devices.
The uploaded image data will be resized or converted to other format automatically according to the devices when played back, although the original data is stored on the server without any conversion.

  • PlayMemories Online

  • Tablets and smartphones
    (with Android/iOS installed)

    By installing the PlayMemories Online dedicated application in these devices, you can upload photos easily after shooting.

  • Hi-Vision LCD TV

    You can view photos and videos on Sony televisions sold in 2011 or later (except models equipped with recording feature).
    After creating your account, upload photos or videos first, otherwise PlayMemories Online cannot be operated properly on a TV.

  • PlayMemories Home™

    You can upload photos and videos by drag and drop operation from PlayMemories Home computer software.

  • Digital Photo Frame
    (DPF-WA700, DPF-W700)

    You can view photos shared with your friends and family on a Digital Photo Frame. To use PlayMemories Online on a Digital Photo Frame, you will need to update the software of the device.