How to install Image Mastering API v2.0 for Windows(R) XP
This page describes how to install Image Mastering API v2.0 for Windows(R) XP that is required to use functions such as creating a disc.
Installation procedure
Solutions for restriction issues
1. Preparing for installation
Service Pack2 (SP2) or later needs to be applied to Windows(R) XP for installation.
To check the version of the Service Pack, click the [Start] button, right-click [My Computer], and then select [Properties].
2. Downloading
(1) Click <Here> to open the web site of Image Mastering API v2.0 for Windows(R) XP. (Figure 1)
The page is displayed in the language that corresponds to your OS, so do not change the language setting.
[Figure 1]

  Check the descriptions, and click the [Continue] button in this page as indicated in the red frame.
If installation of the Genuine Windows Validation Component is required, follow the procedures displayed.
When finished, the [Continue] button changes to the [Download] button (in the blue frame).(Figure 2)
[Figure 2]

(2) Click the [Download] button. In the displayed dialog box (Figure 3), click [Save] to start the download. [Figure 3]

(3) Specify the desired destination, and click [Save]. (Figure 4)
Download begins.
[Figure 4]

3. Installing
(1) Double-click the downloaded file.  
(2) Click [Run] to start the Installation Wizard. (Figure 5) [Figure 5]

(3) Click [Next].(Figure 6) [Figure 6]

(4) After reading the License Agreement, select [I Agree], and then click [Next]. (Figure 7)
Installation begins.
[Figure 7]

(5) Clicking [Finish] completes the installation. (Figure 8)
* The computer may restart automatically.
[Figure 8]

About restrictions

  • Restriction 1
    When particular SCSI and RAID controllers are being used, the disc drive may not be recognized on the computer. Update the driver in the following steps.
    1. Select [Start] - [Control Panel] - ([Performance and Maintenance]).
      *( ) is for Category View
    2. Click [System] to display [System Properties].
    3. In the [Hardware] tab, click [Device Manager].
    4. Click [SCSI and RAID controllers] to expand in the displayed tree.
    5. For each displayed controller, select [Update Driver] from the right-click menu.
    6. Access the Windows Update to update the driver.

  • Restriction 2
    If "Cannot use this feature because you are logged on as a limited account user." is displayed, log on to the computer again as the Computer administrator, or change the settings in the following steps.
    1. Log on to the computer as a user that has administrator privileges.
    2. Select [Start] - [Control Panel] - ([Performance and Maintenance]) - [Administrative Tools].
      *( ) is for Category View
    3. Select [Local Security Policy].
    4. Select [Local Policies] in the displayed tree.
    5. Select [Security Options].
    6. Double-click [Devices: Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on User only], and select [Enabled].
    7. Double-click [Devices: Allowed to format and eject removable media], and select [Administrators and Interactive Users].

    Note:In Windows(R) XP Home Edition, the settings above cannot be changed. Log on to the computer again as the Computer administrator.

    How to check whether the user is a limited account
    1. Click [Start] - [Control Panel].
    2. Click [User Accounts].
    3. Check the account type displayed under the user name. If the account type does not show [Computer administrator], it is a limited account.