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PMB(Picture Motion Browser) Support
Before you contact
Before you contact
Before you contact our customer center to ask for any technical support for PMB, please check and keep the following information ready at hand.
About your product and PMB:
Model name
(shown on the sticker attached to the product)
Version of PMBHow to check
Specific symptom
(error message, etc.)
Example of model name:
Camcorder: HDR-SR7
Digital Still Camera: DSC-T2
Photo Printer: DPP-FP90
About your computer:
Manufacturer Model name
RAM OS and its version
Free space in the hard disk    
How to check the basic information of your computer
In Windows® Vista:
Click [Start], right-click [Computer], then select [Properties].

System Properties
In Windows® XP:
Click [Start], right-click [My Computer], then select [Properties].

System Properties
To check more detailed information, select [Start] -> [All Programs] -> [Accessories] -> [System Tools] -> [System Information].