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For Users of “Picture Package” and “ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder”:“PMB (Picture Motion Browser) Ver.5.6.02” Download

[ 13/05/2011 ]
[ Revised on 01/09/2011 ]

We are offering "PMB (Picture Motion Browser) Ver.5.6.02" as alternative software to "Picture Package" and "ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder".

Applicable products

Software Model names
ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder DCR-SR100(JE), DCR-SR100E(JE), DCR-SR80(JE), DSC-SR80E(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.0 (Cyber-shot) DSC-F88(JE), DSC-P100(JE), DSC-P150(JE), DSC-P43(JE), DSC-P73(JE), DSC-W1(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.0 (Handycam) DCR-HC1000(JE), DCR-HC1000E(JE), DCR-HC20(JE), DCR-HC20E(JE), DCR-HC30(JE), DCR-HC30E(JE), DCR-HC40(JE), DCR-HC40E(JE), DCR-HC85(JE), DCR-HC85E(JE), DCR-PC109(JE), DCR-PC109E(JE), DCR-PC350(JE), DCR-PC350E(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.1 DSC-L1(JE), DSC-T3(JE), DSC-T33(JE), DSC-V3(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.2 DSC-M1(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.2.1 DSC-M2(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.5 DCR-HC32(JE), DCR-HC32E(JE), DCR-HC42(JE), DCR-HC42E(JE), DCR-HC90(JE), DCR-HC90E(JE), DCR-PC55(JE), DCR-PC55E(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.5.1 DCR-HC46(JE), DCR-HC46E(JE), DCR-HC96(JE), DCR-HC96E(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.6 DSC-H1(JE), DSC-P200(JE), DSC-R1(JE), DSC-S40(JE), DSC-T5(JE), DSC-T7(JE), DSC-W5(JE), DSC-W7(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.6.1 DSC-N1(JE), DSC-T9(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.7 DCR-PC1000(JE), DCR-PC1000E(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.8 DCR-DVD653(JE), DCR-DVD653E(JE), DCR-DVD7(JE), DCR-DVD7E(JE), DCR-DVD703(JE), DCR-DVD703E(JE), DCR-DVD803(JE), DCR-DVD803E(JE)
Picture Package Ver.1.8.1 DCR-DVD305(JE), DCR-DVD305(JE), DCR-DVD405(JE), DCR-DVD405E(JE), DCR-DVD505(JE), DCR-DVD505E(JE)
Note on using "PMB Ver.5.6.02" instead of "Picture Package" or "ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder"
  • Available functions vary depending on the software supplied with your product. Please refer to the table below for the main differences.

    YES: Available / NO: Unavailable
    Software Product One Touch Disc Burn DVD functions
    (Import / Burn / Copy)
    Tape functions
    (Import / Export)
    Music Transfer Support for MPEG4 movie
    ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder HDD Handycam YES YES NO NO NO
    Picture Package Ver.1.0/1.1/1.6 Cyber-shot NO NO NO NO NO
    Picture Package Ver.1.6.1 Cyber-shot NO NO NO YES NO
    Picture Package Ver.1.2 Cyber-shot
    Picture Package Ver.1.2.1 Cyber-shot
    Picture Package Ver.1.8/1.8.1 DVD Handycam NO YES NO NO NO
    Picture Package Ver.1.0/1.5/1.5.1/1.7 DV Handycam NO NO YES NO NO

  • The following functions that are included in "Picture Package" and/or "ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder" are not available.
    • Saving the data to a CD or creating a Video CD
    • Creating a slideshow or video with effects and music automatically
    • Converting the audio format (from Dolby Digital to MPEG Audio)
    • Saving the playlist or still images to a DVD disc
  • With the DVD creation function in "PMB Ver.5.6.02" you can only burn a 12cm disc. Burning an 8cm disc is not supported.
  • When importing images from a DVD disc to "PMB Ver.5.6.02" the disc needs to be finalized beforehand.
  • You cannot import images from an 8cm DVD+RW to "PMB Ver.5.6.02" when the disc is inserted in the DVD camcorder connected via USB.
  • Photomovies for DVD camcorders are not supported.
  • To import movies from a tape in a DV/Digital8 camcorder, you need to connect the camcorder with an i.LINK cable. USB streaming and DV streaming (importing movies from a tape using the USB cable) are not supported. Also, you cannot export movies to a tape.
  • The back-up history information used by the One Touch DVD Burn function and the Easy PC Back-up function in "ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder" will not be retained for "PMB Ver.5.6.02". Therefore, all images in the hard disk of the camcorder are saved when you first use the equivalent functions in "PMB Ver.5.6.02".
  • Images in a DVD disc created with "ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder" cannot be imported to "PMB Ver.5.6.02".
  • To use functions such as creating a disc in Windows XP, installation of Image Mastering API v2.0 for Windows XP is required. If it is not installed, please install it by following the instruction that appears when you attempt to use applicable functions.
System requirements

OS: Windows XP SP3*, Windows Vista SP2**, Windows 7 SP1
*64-bit editions and Starter are not supported.
** Starter is not supported.

Note: It cannot be downloaded / installed in the unsupported OS.
CPU: For Handycam: Pentium III 1GHz or faster
For Cyber-shot: Pentium III 500MHz or faster (Pentium III 1GHz or faster required to handle MPEG 4 movies)
RAM: 512MB or more (1GB or more recommended)
Available HDD space: Approx. 1GB or more (to install the software)
How to Download

1. Have the CD-ROM supplied with your applicable product ready.
2. Click the [Download] button below.
3. Input the part number of its supplied CD-ROM*, and then click [OK].
The download of the program file [PMB56_Installer1108a.exe] (193MB (203,163,704 bytes)) will start.
* The part number of the supplied CD-ROM is shown on the CD-ROM as below.

In DCR-SR100 series In DCR-SR80 series
DCR-SR100???   DCR-SR100???
How to Install

Before you start installing
  • Log on as a user with administrative privilege.
  • Prepare the CD-ROM supplied with your applicable product.
  • Make sure "ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder" is not installed.
    Please uninstall it if it is installed.
1. Double-click the downloaded [PMB56_Installer1108a.exe] file, and wait for a while until it is extracted.
2. When the file is extracted, the message prompting to insert the supplied CD-ROM appears. Insert the CD-ROM in the computer's drive, and click [OK].
* If the software installation window pops up from the CD-ROM, please close it.
* Functions to be installed vary depending on the inserted CD-ROM. If you have multiple CD-ROMs, please check the table on [Note on using "PMB Ver.5.6.02" instead of "Picture Package" or "ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder"], and insert the one according to the required functions. If the required functions are not covered by one CD-ROM, you need to repeat the installation by inserting multiple CD-ROMs.
3. Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the installation.
* If the message about the installation of Image Mastering API for Windows XP appears, please follow the instruction that appears when you attempt to use applicable functions after installing PMB. (You cannot check this instruction from the installation window.)
For operating instructions of "PMB Ver.5.6.02" please refer to [PMB Help] on the software (it may include some descriptions that are not applicable to your product).

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