For users of the GPS Unit Kit (GPS-CS1/CS1KA) Notice of update for GPS Image Tracker

[ 2009/11/20 ]
GPS Image Tracker supplied with GPS-CS1/CS1KA can be updated to the latest version by using SPU Download Manager.
Please update it following the instructions below.
[ Software to be updated ]
  • GPS Image Tracker Ver.1.0.00/1.0.01/1.0.02/1.0.03 supplied with GPS-CS1/CS1KA
[ Improvement ]
  • You can "match" position information and image data while confirming GPS tracks on the map.
  • The images recorded with Cyber-shot sold in 2009 or later will be supported.
  • The images recorded with α (alpha) camera will be supported.
  • Windows(R) 7 will be supported.
[ Update procedure ]
  1. Download SPU Download Manager from the link below and then start it up.
    Click here for the download page of SPU Download Manager
  2. Connect the GPS Unit (GPS-CS1) to the computer and then click [Start].

  3. You can update GPS Image Tracker to the latest version by installing the downloaded software. Also, PMB will be installed at the same time.
  • For details about how to use SPU Download Manager, please confirm its download page.


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