Catalyst Prepare Plugin



An error or warning appears when I try to purchase a paid plan.

Please direct any complaints or questions you may have regarding billing to the payment processor (cleverbridge).

Please provide me with information on the procedure and billing for canceling my contract.

You can cancel your contract from the My Page associated with your Creators' Cloud membership. Your contract cannot be canceled midway, and refunds will not be provided.

If I am unable to use the service for work, will I be given compensation and a refund?

We do not provide compensation or refunds for any damage that occurs using this service or any damage that occurs because you cannot use this service.

Can I use a paid plan even though I live outside of the countries/regions where the service is available?

It is not possible to sign up for a paid plan from outside of the countries/regions where the service is available.

“This plan will be available after expiration of annual plan.” message was shown in changing plan page.

  1. Go to "My Page" and click the "Detail" button (to the right of "Catalyst Prepare Plugin").
  2. In the next page, click the "Terminate current plan" button.
  3. Click the "Terminate plan" button in the dialog that appears.
  4. You can confirm "Close" in the "Next update" area.
  5. You will be able to change to monthly plan after the date shown in "Next update".

About the Sony Account

Do I need to sign in to a Sony Account in order to use this software?

If you use image stabilization or lens breathing compensation while not signed into a Sony Account, watermarks will be embedded in the clips you create. To create clips without embedded watermarks, sign up for a paid plan and make sure you are signed into your Sony Account when using the image stabilization and lens breathing compensation features.

Is the Sony Account the same thing as an Creators' Cloud membership?

When you subscribe to an Creators' Cloud membership, you can use the various features pertaining to Sony digital cameras. A Sony Account is required when subscribing to an Creators' Cloud membership. A Sony Account is used not only for the Creators' Cloud membership but also for Playstation and other included Sony services.

What is the difference between Creators’ Cloud membership and Imaging Edge membership?

Imaging Edge membership has been renamed to Creators’ Cloud membership. If you are already registered with an Imaging Edge membership, you will be transitioned to a Creators’ Cloud membership automatically. You can continue to use the same email address and password as before.

I want to terminate my Sony Account.

Unsubscribe from all the services to which you subscribed using your Sony Account. Your Sony Account will be terminated automatically when you unsubscribe from your last service provided by Sony.


Cannot play the video smoothly.

Please lower the value of [Resolution for playback] in Adobe Premiere Pro settings.

"Unknown drawing error" occurred.

Please proceed because it does not affect the plug-in function.

In V1.0, the size of the Premiere project file has become too large.

After loading the project file in V1.1, press the Help button in the Effect Controls panel and save the project from the Premiere menu.