Software for computers

Operating the camera from a computer/RAW data development/browsing

Imaging Edge (Remote/Viewer/Edit)

You can remotely operate the camera from the computer and make precise adjustments to the focus and composition using the grid, guide, and overlay functions while viewing images live on the large screen of the computer.

Immediately after shooting, you can perform tasks such as confirmation, selection, image-quality adjustment, and RAW development on the computer. The software also supports Pixel Shift Multi Shooting.

Capture One Express(for Sony)

Enjoy the highest image quality with perfect colors and detail with Capture One Express (for Sony), the essential RAW converter.
Please direct all inquires on purchase, usage and support on Capture One solutions to Phase One.

Creating and exporting IPTC metadata

IPTC Metadata Preset IPTC Metadata Preset

This application allows you to create and export IPTC metadata so that you can register it to the α9.

Image management/editing

PlayMeories Home

You can organize, edit, and share (upload to the cloud and social media) still images/movies.

Movie editing (for the Action Cam/Music Video Recorder)

Action Cam Movie Creator Action Cam Movie Creator

This is exclusive software for the Action Cam.
You can easily edit movies shot with the Action Cam.

MVR studio MVR studio

This is exclusive software for the Music Video Recorder.
You can easily edit audio/movies taken with the Music Video Recorder.

4K/HD movie editing

For software that supports XAVC S movie editing in 4K/HD image quality, refer to the following page. Contact individual manufacturers for details on whether the software has the features you want and what kind of editing can be done.

Applications for cameras

Adding various functions

PlayMemories Camera Apps

This is an application download service for Wi-Fi-compatible cameras.
You can add various functions such as Smartphone Sync and Direct Upload to your camera.

Applications for your smartphone/tablet

Image transfer/remote operation, etc.

PlayMemories Mobile

This is an application for Wi-Fi-compatible cameras.
You can transfer still images/movies to your smartphone/tablet, and control camera settings and shooting from your smartphone/tablet.

Cloud services

Sharing/browsing images

PlayMemories Online

This is a cloud service for still images/movies.
You can easily upload images from a smartphone, computer, or Wi-Fi-compatible camera, and view them with various devices anywhere. You can also easily share images with your family and friends.

Uploading from a smartphone
Install the PlayMemories Online application on your smartphone.
Uploading from a computer
Install the PlayMemories Home software on your computer.