Privacy Notice

This camera can use the Face Memory feature to perform face detection with priority on the faces of pre-registered subjects.

This involves the use of “biometric” data (facial feature data) of people whose face you have pre-registered. The registered data is stored only in the camera, and is not collected by Sony. You can also delete the registered data at any time.

You are responsible for your use of the Face Memory feature of this camera to collect and use the biometric information of subjects’ faces. When using this feature to register a subject’s face, we recommend that you explain that their facial biometric data will be stored in the camera and used for face detection.

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  • The camera may use the pre-registered facial biometric data of the subject when shooting
  • The registered biometric data is stored only in the camera and is not used for other purposes
  • If the person who was the subject wishes, the photographer can delete the biometric data in the camera at any time

Face/Eye AF can be used without registering faces.

If you have any questions, please visit the web site below for how to contact Sony Support for your country or region.