Breathing Compensation

This function corrects for the phenomenon in which the angle of view changes according to the focusing distance during movie recording.
You can use breathing compensation with cameras and lenses that support the function.
(For information on breathing compensation settings, refer to the “Lens Compensation” item in your camera's help guide)

Check below for cameras and lenses that support breathing compensation.

Information about ILME-FX6 will be released at the end of January.

Compatible cameras


Compatible lenses

  • SEL14F18GM
  • SEL20F18G
  • SEL24F14GM
  • SEL35F14GM
  • SEL50F12GM
  • SEL85F14GM
  • SEL100F28GM *1
  • SEL135F18GM
  • SEL1224GM
  • SEL1224G
  • SEL1635GM
  • SEL2470GM
  • SEL24105G
  • SEL28135G
  • SEL70200GM *2
  • SEL70200GM2
The breathing compensation function cannot be used when the macro switching ring is set to “0.57m–1.0m.”
The breathing compensation function cannot be used with a teleconverter (SEL14TC/SEL20TC) mounted.

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