Drive Mode

With the drive modes, you can select shooting options such as "Continuous Shooting" or "Self-timer." The available modes are different depending on the model of your camera. This section explains typical drive modes commonly available for most α cameras.

Single Shooting

This is the normal shooting mode. One image is shot when the shutter button is pressed.
(If composite shooting is performed in modes such as Superior Auto, the shutter may be released more than once for one shot.)

Continuous Shooting

Images are shot continuously while the shutter button is pressed and held down. Depending on the model, you can also select the speed of continuous shooting.


An image is shot with the self-timer 10 or 2 seconds after the shutter button is pressed. The 10-second self-timer is useful for allowing the photographer to get into the frame, and the 2-second self-timer is useful for reducing camera shake while shooting, such as when shooting night views on a tripod.

Remote Commander

This mode is used to shoot with the Wireless Remote Commander sold separately.

If your camera has other drive modes, refer to your Instruction Manual or Handbook.

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