SEL135F18GM - NEX-VG20 |Compatibility Information


  • The SteadyShot is not supported.
  • Sliding the Focus Mode switch to MF position will change the focus mode setting, but on-screen (LCD monitor /Viewfinder) focus mode display will not change.
  • Focus hold button of the lens does not work.
  • When Iris ring is switched between auto iris mode and manual iris mode, on-screen display (LCD monitor /Viewfinder) may flicker for a brief second and focus position may be reset.
  • When the Iris ring is set to manual iris mode, the Lens Model and Max Aperture Value of the Exif are not recorded correctly.
  • When the Iris ring is set to manual iris mode, the aperture value is set at the value which Iris ring indicates regardless of exposure mode.
  • If you rotate the Iris ring, the time before Power Save is not extended.
  • When the Focus Mode switch is set to MF while AF is selected at body side, focus mode is manual but focus distance is not displayed. (AF will not work as well.)
  • Even if the focus-range setting switch is set to near zone, the shooting focus range will be the same as Full
  • Exif lens names will not be recorded correctly.