SEL90M28G - NEX-5 |Compatibility Information


  • Optical SteadyShot setting on lens will switch on/off the function, but the setting is not reflected to on-screen display (LCD monitor / viewfinder) nor recorded in EXIF data.
  • Focus hold button of the lens does not work.
  • Sometimes the information display on the LCD monitor and in the viewfinder are not the same in MF mode.
  • When you change from AF mode to MF mode on the lens with the focus switch on the camera set to autofocus, MF works, but MF assist does not work.
  • Even if the focus-range setting switch is set to near zone, the shooting focus range will be the same as Full
  • When the autofocus mode is set to something other than AF-C and the amount of focus movement is large until the focus is achieved, sometimes the exposure is incorrect after focus is achieved. The correct exposure can be obtained by pressing the shutter button halfway again or using AEL again.