DSC-RX0M2 : Send images

  • Send To Smartphone
    1. On the camera : Select MENU > (Network) > [Send to Smartphone Func.] > [Send to Smartphone] > [Select on This Device] or [Select on Smartphone].
    2. On the camera : Select the images you want to transfer. A QR code is shown on the camera.
    3. On the smartphone : Launch Imaging Edge Mobile on your smartphone and proceed as follows.

      When Imaging Edge Mobile has been newly installed

      [Models other than the above] → [Camera Connection/Registration]

      When adding a second (or subsequent) camera to a previously installed instance of Imaging Edge Mobile

      [Camera Connection/Registration] → [Register other models]

    4. On the smartphone :

      When connecting with a new camera

      Select [Scan QR Code], then scan the QR Code displayed on the camera with your smartphone.

      With a camera that has been connected previously

      The camera name appears in [Camera List]. Tap [Start] next to it.

    • RAW images will be converted to JPEG and sent. When [RAW & JPEG] or [RAW & HEIF] is selected, only JPEG or HEIF images will be sent.
    • To send XAVC S 4K movies or the original data of XAVC S HD movies recorded in [120p]/[100p] to an iPhone, use an iPhone 8 or later model.
    • Depending on the smartphone, the transferred movie may not be played back correctly. For example, the movie may not play smoothly, or there may be no sound.

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