ILCE-1 : Send images

* You cannot use Imaging Edge Mobile on a camera running system software Ver. 2.00 or later. Use Creators’ App instead.
> Creators’ App support

  • Send To Smartphone
    1. On the camera : Press the (Playback) button to enter playback mode.
    2. On the camera : Press the (Send) button.
      If you cannot use the Send button because of custom key settings or if you want to change the format, etc., of the images to be sent, select MENU → (Network) → [Smartphone Connect] → [ Select on Cam & Send] and perform the necessary operations.
    3. On the camera : Select the images you want to transfer. A QR code is shown on the camera.
    4. On the smartphone : Launch Imaging Edge Mobile on your smartphone and proceed as follows.

      When Imaging Edge Mobile has been newly installed

      [Models other than the above] → [Camera Connection/Registration]

      When adding a second (or subsequent) camera to a previously installed instance of Imaging Edge Mobile

      [Camera Connection/Registration] → [Register other models]

    5. On the smartphone :

      When connecting with a new camera

      Select [Scan QR Code]*, then scan the QR Code displayed on the camera with your smartphone.

      With a camera that has been connected previously

      The camera name appears in [Camera List]. Tap [Start] next to it.

    * To connect using a method other than scanning a QR code, choose one of the following connection methods.

    • Select [Connect with the camera through One-touch] → [Tap here] to connect using NFC.
    • Press the (delete) button on the camera to display the SSID and password, then select [Connect using the camera SSID/password] on the smartphone and enter the SSID and password.
    • Depending on the smartphone, the transferred movie may not be played back correctly. For example, the movie may not play smoothly, or there may be no sound.
    • To transfer original movies of XAVC HS and 4K movies or XAVC S movies recorded in [120p] format to an iPhone, use an iPhone 8 or later model. Note that original movies exceeding 100 Mbps or recorded in 4:2:2 10-bit format cannot be transferred even using an iPhone 8 or later model. Also, to transfer XAVC HS proxy movies to an iPhone, use an iPhone 6s or later model.
    • When selecting and sending images from the camera to a smartphone, you can change the size of the images by going to the MENU on the camera and selecting [Smartphone Connection] → [Select on Cam & Send] → [Size of Sending Image].

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