NEX-5T : Send images

  • Send To Smartphone

    Use the camera to operate this.
    (1) Press the MENU button on the camera
    (2) Select (Wi-Fi) > [Send to Smartphone] > [Select from Smartphone]
    (3) The camera images are displayed on the smartphone. Select and send the desired images using your smartphone
    Note: XAVC-S and AVCHD video cannot be sent
    (1) Press the button to enter playback mode.
    (2) Press MENU, then select [Network] or [Wireless] > [Send to Smartphone] > [Select from Camera] or [Select from Smartphone].

    Note: AVCHD video cannot be sent.
    Note: If the menu does not have a [Network]/[Wireless] option, select [Edit/Copy].

    • RAW images will be converted to JPEG and sent. When [RAW & JPEG] or [RAW & HEIF] is selected, only JPEG or HEIF images will be sent.
    • Supports MP4 file format only
  • Automatically Transfer Still Images from the Camera to a Smartphone

    You can use the Sync to Smartphone app on the camera to automatically transfer still images from the camera.* You cannot transfer video
    You must preregister the smartphone that will receive still images via Sync to Smartphone

    1. After shooting, turn off the camera and start Imaging Edge Mobile on your smartphone
    2. Either leave the camera and smartphone in close proximity or carry both devices with you to start transfer
    3. When transfer is completed, the camera automatically turns off

    *Sync to Smartphone may need to be installed, depending on the camera

    • After taking the images, set them to send, and then send them all to your smartphone at once. Automatic sending is not supported.

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