HDR-AS20 : Remote shooting

  • Connecting by Wi-Fi Using an SSID and Password
    1. On the camera : Select [SETUP] → [Wi-Fi] → [ON].
    2. On the camera : Select the shooting mode (LOOP/MOVIE/PHOTO/INTVL).
    3. On the smartphone : Launch Imaging Edge Mobile on the smartphone.
    4. On the smartphone :

      When connecting with a new camera

      Select [Connect with a new camera] → [Connect using the camera SSID/password] → [Enter SSID/Password], then enter the SSID (DIRECT-xxxx: xxxx) and password attached to the Startup Guide.

      With a camera that has been connected previously

      The camera name appears in [Camera List]. Tap [Start] next to it.

    Refer to <Operating the camera remotely> for operation instructions.

  • If the camera and the smartphone are already connected

    If the camera and the smartphone are already connected via Wi-Fi before you launch Imaging Edge Mobile, perform the following procedure.

    If the camera name is displayed in the [Camera List]

    Tap [Start] next to the camera name.

    If the camera name is not displayed in the [Camera List]

    Select [Connect with a new camera] → [Wi Fi connected to camera].

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