Uploading to YouTube

You can upload your photos/videos which you stored in PlayMemories Home to Network Services such as YouTube and PlayMemories Online.


Upload your videos to YouTube.

  • Create a Google account before you use the service.

Click [Tools] > [Share].

Click [YouTube].

  • If the [Please ensure that any content you upload complies with the End User License Agreement ...] message is displayed, click [OK].

Drag and Drop the video file from thumbnails to the right area, then click [Next].

Input your account information on the Google account sign in window.

If you have already signed in, the window will not be displayed.

The upload window is displayed, click [Upload] to upload your video to YouTube.

Trims the video and edits the title/description/tags.
BDelete Media Files
Removes the selected videos from the list.
CVideo sharing
When you check the box, the video is uploaded in the public status. When you uncheck the box, the video is uploaded in the private status.
Uploading settings (video convert, image quality information).

Click [Close] when the upload is completed.

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Upload to PlayMemories Online

Refer to the following page about how to upload photos and videos to PlayMemories Online.

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