PlayMemories Home DVD-Video Add-on Software


The first time you write AVCHD 1080i format videos recorded with a camera to DVD-Video, you must authenticate.When creating a disc using these videos, conversion may take 3-5 times the length of the videos.

Please read this guide thoroughly before you start the following operations.

How to download and install

Check the required items below before you start the operation.

  • Sony AVCHD Camera
  • supplied USB cable
  • computer which satisfies the system requirements mentioned below
    • The PlayMemories Home "Expanded Features" is installed
    • Internet is connected

Applicable Software

PlayMemories Home that is supplied with Sony AVCHD recordable camera

How to download and install

Download [Download Manager].
  1. [Download Manager] transfers the following information to the server administrated by Sony only for the purpose of administration, diagnosis and inspection for providing [DVD-Video Add-on Software].
  • your computer's Operating System
  • your settings of PlayMemories Home
  • your version of [Download Manager]
  • your camera's model number, product code and serial number
    We do not use the information which may identify individuals when [Download Manager] transfers the above information to the server administrated by Sony
  1. The End-User License Agreement of PlayMemories Home applies to [Download Manager].
    If you accept the above terms, please read the following End-User License Agreement thoroughly and click [Accept]. 
    The download will start.

End-User License Agreement

(2,662,936 Bytes)
Download [DVD-Video Add-on Software] using [Download Manager].
Please log on as a user with administrative privilege before you start the following operations.
  1. Double click the downloaded file [DownloadManager_1402b.exe].
  1. [Download Manager] is automatically launched.
    Check the displayed items and click [Start].
    Follow the instructions on the screen and proceed with the operation.
    Refer to the attached instruction manual on how to connect the camera and the computer.
  1. Click [Complete] and the "File Download" screen appears.
    Click [Run].
    The download of [DVD-Video Add-on Software] will start.
    Depending on the OS environment, the security warning dialog may appear when you click [Run], but you can continue the download by clicking [Run].
    Depending on the settings of your security software, the program may not be downloaded. In this case, please check the settings of the security software, and then download it again.
Install [DVD-Video Add-on Software].
  1. The [DVD-Video Add-on Software] page appears. Click [Next].
  2. The License Agreement page appears.
    Read and accept the license agreement, then proceed to the next step.
  3. The [Ready to Install the Program] page appears.Click [Install].
  4. The installation of the program begins.
  5. [PlayMemories Home] is automatically launched.

By the above steps, the installation of [DVD-Video Add-on Software] will be completed.
Launch PlayMemories Home, and then confirm that you can create a DVD by selecting [Create Discs] - [DVD-Video (STD)].