Uploading Photos and Videos

You can upload photos and videos to "PlayMemories Online".

In order to upload photos and videos, please update PlayMemories Home to the latest version. (*Photos cannot be uploaded in versions 4.1 or earlier)
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Uploading automatically (Unlimited Upload)

Activating the All Sync function from "PlayMemories Home" enables you to upload an unlimited number of photos for free. (The long sides of photos will be resized to 1920 pixels.)

This function is safe for use because the uploaded photos are not shown to people other than you.

1. Sign into PlayMemories Online from PlayMemories Home.
Select “Sign In” from the “PlayMemories Online” menu.

2. From the “PlayMemories Online” menu, select “PlayMemories Online Settings

3. Follow the instructions on screen to enable All Sync.

When All Sync is enabled, the photos of “PlayMemories Home” and “PlayMemories Online” are automatically synced.


- If you delete or edit a photo on "PlayMemories Online", the result will be applied to both "PlayMemories Home" and "PlayMemories Online".

- Videos are not uploaded automatically by the All Sync function. Upload videos manually.

Uploading manually

You can select photos or videos to upload to "PlayMemories Online". In total, 5 GB of photos and videos can be uploaded.

1. Make sure you sign in "PlayMemories Onlie" from "PlayMemories Home".

2. In Calendar View or Folder View, select the photos or videos that you want to upload.

3. Click [Tools] - [Upload to PlayMemories Online] or [Add to My Collections].

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.


- To set the size of the media file you want to manually upload, from the [PlayMemories Online] menu, select [PlayMemories Online settings], and then set the size on the [Manual Upload] window.

- If you delete or edit a photo on "PlayMemories Online", the result will be applied to both "PlayMemories Home" and "PlayMemories Online".

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