Imaging Edge Mobile

Application for remote shooting and image transfer to a smartphone

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Imaging Edge Mobile is the successor application to PlayMemories Mobile.

All of the PlayMemories Mobile features can be used in Imaging Edge Mobile. Imaging Edge Mobile is automatically installed when PlayMemories Mobile is updated.
Portions of this page and other sites describe PlayMemories Mobile, but operation is identical to that of Imaging Edge Mobile. When reading those descriptions, simply replace PlayMemories Mobile with Imaging Edge Mobile.

Recommended environment for operation

  • Android 6.0 – 11.0
  • iOS 12.4 – 13.6


  • 2020-09-15
  • 2020-07-29
  • 2020-03-12
    Imaging Edge Mobile 7.3.3 has been released.
  • 2019-12-18
    Imaging Edge Mobile 7.3 has been released.
    • The image-saving destination changes when Imaging Edge Mobile 7.3 is launched for the first time on Android 10. For more details, see the <FAQ>.
  • 2019-07-16
    Imaging Edge Mobile 7.2 (iOS) has been released.
  • 2019-07-10
    Imaging Edge Mobile 7.2 (Android) has been released.
  • 2019-03-25
    Imaging Edge Mobile 7.1 has been released.

What you can do with Imaging Edge Mobile

Imaging Edge Mobile is a free application for your smartphone (Android smartphone/tablet or iPhone/iPad). Once you install it on your smartphone, you can establish a Wi-Fi connection with applicable Sony products and make use of the functions described below:

The available functions differ depending on your camera. For details, refer to <Supported Cameras>.

Remote shooting

From the menu of the camera unit, select [Ctrl w/ Smartphone] to operate your camera by using the smartphone as a remote control. On the screen of your smartphone or tablet you can preview images before shooting, change settings, operate the shutter, view captured images, and more.

On cameras that support PlayMemories Camera Apps, it is necessary to install the free application “Smart Remote Control” on the camera.

Transferring images

From the menu of the camera unit, select [Send to Smartphone] to transfer captured still images and movies to your smartphone. You can select the images you wish to transfer from either the camera unit or the smartphone, and you can transfer images at their original size. On cameras that support “Sync to Smartphone” in PlayMemories Camera Apps, you can enable a setting that automatically transfers still images to your smartphone and then cuts off the power when you turn the camera’s power OFF.

  • Still images that can be transferred: Original size, 2M, VGA
  • Movies that can be transferred: MP4 or XAVC S (Depends on the model; AVCHD is not supported.)

Automatic background transfer to smartphone

When you set [Ctrl w/Smartphone] to [On] in the menu of the camera unit and shoot still images using either the camera or the smartphone, each image you shoot is automatically transferred to the smartphone. In this case, the maximum image size is 2 MP (2 megapixels).

Supported Devices: ILCE-9M2, ILCE-9 (camera system software Ver. 5.00 or later) , ILCE-7RM4, DSC-RX0M2, DSC-RX100M7

Multi Camera Control

You can control multiple cameras remotely from a single smartphone.
For a list of compatible cameras, refer to <Supported Cameras>.

Location Information Linkage

You can send location information from your smartphone to your camera, and have it recorded on the images you shoot. You can also send day and date or region settings from your smartphone so they can be corrected automatically.

Highlight Movie Maker

This app detects distinctive scenes in movies you shot using the Imaging Edge Mobile application, and automatically creates a movie containing only the highlights (Highlight Movie). You can then transfer the newly created highlight movie to your smartphone.

It is compatible with some Action Cam products. For details, refer to <Supported Cameras>.