Connecting to Wi-Fi for the first time

The camera and the smartphone are unable to connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Turn off the camera's airplane mode.
  2. Turn off flight mode and tethering on the smartphone.
  3. Turn Wi-Fi ON and check that the IP configuration is automatic (DHCP) when it connects to Wi-Fi.
  4. Turn on the Wi-Fi connection during sleep setting (Android only).
  5. Turn off the power to the smartphone and camera before reconnecting them.
  6. Reset the camera SSID and reconnect.
  7. Reinstall Imaging Edge Mobile and reconnect.

Unable to scan the QR code

  1. Check to see if the smartphone is too close to the monitor.
  2. Check to see if a different QR code can be scanned with another QR code app.
    If all of the QR codes cannot be scanned, manually input the SSID and password, because there is a problem with the smartphone.
  3. Reinstall Imaging Edge Mobile and reconnect.

After connecting to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi transfer does not work

  • Check that the file format is compatible with Wi-Fi transfer.
  • if you use an Android device, and If you have changed the [Saving Destination] of the image to the external storage such as a memory card, images may not be transferred. In this case, select [Settings] from the menu icon at the top right corner, and reset [Saving Destination].

The Wi-Fi suddenly disconnects or becomes unstable during smartphone operations or Wi-Fi transfers

The surrounding radio waves may be unstable. Use the camera and smartphone closer together.

The Live View screen shown on the smartphone does not move smoothly

In some cases, the Live View screen may not move smoothly due to the condition of the surrounding radio waves or the smartphone performance.

I would like to connect with the NFC One-touch functions, but the image is directly transferred without using the function

Prepare the camera unit to capture an image in advance and connect with NFC One-touch once again.

The movie transferred from the camera does not play on the smartphone

  • Transfer a different movie and see if it plays.
    Alternatively, transfer the movie which does not play together with another movie to see if it can be played back.
    If that does not fix the problem, change the image selection method from [Select on This Device] to [Select on Smartphone] and transfer it again.

Sometimes it does not take a photo even if the smartphone Shutter button is pressed

  • In some cases, it is unable to take a photo if you release your finger from the Shutter button while the auto focus is operating.
    Hold and press the Shutter button slightly longer before releasing your finger.