Cannot connect to Wi-Fi

The camera and the smartphone are unable to connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Turn off the camera's airplane mode.
  2. Turn off flight mode and tethering on the smartphone.
  3. Turn Wi-Fi ON and check that the IP configuration is automatic (DHCP) when it connects to Wi-Fi.
  4. Turn on the Wi-Fi connection during sleep setting (Android only).
  5. Turn off the power to the smartphone and camera before reconnecting them.
  6. Reset the camera SSID and reconnect.
  7. Reinstall Imaging Edge Mobile and reconnect.

The camera and the smartphone are unable to connect to Wi-Fi (for iOS 13)

  • If using iOS 13, you need to turn Bluetooth on in order to use Imaging Edge Mobile. Go to [Imaging Edge Mobile] in the iPhone settings and enable Bluetooth.
  • Turn off both the camera and the iPhone/iPad and then reconnect them after turning the power back on. If the issue is not resolved, try [Settings] > [General] > [Reset] > [Reset Network Settings] on the iPhone/iPad. For more details, contact Apple support.
  • When using location information linkage, configure [Settings] > [Imaging Edge Mobile] > [Location] > [Always] on the iPhone/iPad.
  • You cannot connect with SSID and a password using Imaging Edge Mobile 7.2.1 or older. Please use NFC or the QR code instead, or update it to 7.2.2 or later.

Unable to scan the QR code

  1. Check to see if the smartphone is too close to the monitor.
  2. Check to see if a different QR code can be scanned with another QR code app.
    If all of the QR codes cannot be scanned, manually input the SSID and password, because there is a problem with the smartphone.
  3. Reinstall Imaging Edge Mobile and reconnect.

Camera with NFC support does not respond when the smartphone is touched

  • Check to make sure the smartphone supports NFC. In the case of the iPhone, an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.0 or later is required.
  • On the smartphone’s Wireless or Network menu, check to make sure the NFC function is enabled.
  • If the camera has an [Airplane Mode], the NFC function cannot be used when it is set to [On].
  • Set camera menu → [Wireless] or [Network] → [Ctrl w/ Smartphone] → [Ctrl w/ Smartphone] → [On]. (The text of these settings may differ depending on the camera model. Also, some cameras may not have this functionality.)
  • There may be no response when the camera or smartphone is in a case.

After connecting to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi transfer does not work

Check that the file format is compatible with Wi-Fi transfer.

The Wi-Fi suddenly disconnects or becomes unstable during smartphone operations or Wi-Fi transfers

The surrounding radio waves may be unstable. Use the camera and smartphone closer together.

The Live View screen shown on the smartphone does not move smoothly

In some cases, the Live View screen may not move smoothly due to the condition of the surrounding radio waves or the smartphone performance.

I would like to connect with the NFC One-touch functions, but the image is directly transferred without using the function

Prepare the camera unit to capture an image in advance and connect with NFC One-touch once again.

The movie transferred from the camera does not play on the smartphone

  • Transfer a different movie and see if it plays.
    Alternatively, transfer the movie which does not play together with another movie to see if it can be played back.
    If that does not fix the problem, change the image selection method from [Select on This Device] to [Select on Smartphone] and transfer it again.

Sometimes it does not take a photo even if the smartphone Shutter button is pressed

  • In some cases, it is unable to take a photo if you release your finger from the Shutter button while the auto focus is operating.
    Hold and press the Shutter button slightly longer before releasing your finger.

Transferred images are not found after updating to Android 10 / Imaging Edge Mobile 7.3.

The image-saving destination changes when Imaging Edge Mobile 7.3 is launched for the first time on Android 10. You can check and change the saving destination under [Settings] -> [Saving Destination] in Imaging Edge Mobile.

About the Sony Account

A Sign In screen appeared. Do I need to sign in to use Imaging Edge Mobile?

When you sign in with your Sony Account to register your camera online to your My Page, you can browse related announcements. If you are only using Imaging Edge Mobile, you do not need to register or sign in.

Is the Sony Account the same thing as an Imaging Edge membership?

When you subscribe to an Imaging Edge membership, you can use the various features pertaining to Sony digital cameras. A Sony Account is required when subscribing to an Imaging Edge membership. A Sony Account is used not only for the Imaging Edge membership but also for Playstation and other included Sony services.

I want to cancel my Imaging Edge membership registration.

Cancel your registration from the following URL.

Only the Imaging Edge membership can be canceled from this site. Your Sony Account registration will remain active.

I want to terminate my Sony Account.

Unsubscribe from all the services to which you subscribed using your Sony Account. Your Sony Account will be terminated automatically when you unsubscribe from your last service provided by Sony.

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