Customization guide - ILCE-7SM3

The ILCE-7SM3 has many different customization features, such as custom keys and a memory function, which enable photographers to change the functions of various keys according to their preferences.

Switching the camera settings quickly according to the shooting scenario

Camera Set. Memory/Recall Camera Setting

You can register camera settings in advance and recall them using the mode dial.
Instead of operating the mode dial, you can also recall the registered settings instantly by pressing and holding a button.

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Recalling frequently used functions instantly

There are four different features: [Custom Key Setting], [My Dial Settings], [Fn Menu Settings], and [My Menu Setting].

Custom Key Setting

It is recommended that you assign the functions you use most frequently to custom keys, since just pressing a button is the quickest way to recall functions.You can use twelve keys* as custom keys.

* If the lens has a focus hold button.

My Dial Settings

As with Custom Key, desired functions can be assigned to the front/rear dials and the control wheel. You can switch between the default functions and the assigned functions by using the custom key to which you have assigned the switching function.

Fn Menu Settings

By pressing the Fn (function) button, you can display up to twelve functions at the bottom of the monitor. You may find it convenient to allocate the functions you use most frequently among those not assigned to custom keys here.

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My Menu Setting

Allocate the functions you use most frequently after those on the function menu to the My menu. You can save time by organizing your favorite items in the My menu instead of searching through MENU items.

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Saving camera settings to a memory card (Save/Load Settings)

Sets of customized camera settings* can be saved to a memory card using the [Save/Load Settings] function. Use this function to create a backup, or to copy settings to other cameras of the same model.

* Some settings cannot be saved.

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In addition to the functions above, the following functions will also help you master use of the camera.

  • [AF Area Registration]: Moves the focusing frame instantly to a position you registered in advance by pressing a custom key.
  • [Switch V/H AF Area]: Switches the type of focus area and the position of the focusing frame according to the orientation of the camera (vertical/horizontal).
  • * The monitor images are not actual screenshots, and are simulated.
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