PlayMemories Home Install Error - Windows

If you cannot install or start up PlayMemories Home, or if it does not operate properly, follow the instructions below.

IMPORTANT : Tools are designed for the every version of PlayMemories Home. This page provides the latest version of the tools. Always download and use the latest version provided here.

If you use Mac, see <PlayMemories Home Install Error - Mac>.

1. Using Repair Tool

  1. 1.1. Open the C drive > [ProgramData] > [Sony Corporation] > [PlayMemories Home] and find the Repair Tool [PMH_Repair_EN.bat]. If you cannot find it, download [] below and extract the zip file to retreive [PMH_Repair_EN.bat]. The tool is for Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista.

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  1. 1.2. Open [Control Panel] and uninstall PlayMemories Home. If you cannot uninstall it, quit PlayMemories Home.
  2. 1.3. Right-click [PMH_Repair_EN.bat] and select [Run as administrator...]. The Repair Tool erases all the related items regarding PlayMemories Home. (It does not erase the images such as photos or movies.) If you are asked [Are you sure you want to uninstall this product?], select [Yes].
  3. 1.4. When erasing has finished, restart the computer.
  4. 1.5. Check if PlayMemories Home has uninstalled correctly. Open the C drive > [Program Files] (or [Program Files (x86)] for 64-bit OS) > [Sony], and if you find the [PlayMemories Home] folder in it, delete it.
  5. 1.6. Download and install the latest version of PlayMemories Home.
    <Download the latest version of PlayMemories Home>
  6. 1.7. When PlayMemories Home has been installed, turn on your camera and connect it to the PC using the USB cable. If your problem is solved, [PMH_Repair_EN.bat] and [PMH_Log_Files] on the desktop can be deleted. If the problem is not solved, do not delete [PMH_Log_Files].
  7. 1.8. To report the error, the screenshot(s) is required. Capture an error message or the screenshot of the error. If you cannot capture the screenshot, note the error message or sympton in detail.

2. If the Repair Tool does not solve the problem (Error report to Sony)

  1. 2.1. The error log files may solve the install error. To get them, the Environment Check Tool is required. Open the C drive > [ProgramData] > [Sony Corporation] > [PlayMemories Home] and find the [EnvironmentCheckTool.exe]. If you cannot find it, you can get it by downloading here.

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  1. 2.2. Double-click [EnvironmentCheckTool.exe].
  2. 2.3. Follow the instructions. In the [Information to be collected] screen, check all items and click [Start].
  1. 2.4. [PMBEnvCheck] folder will be created. Compress it. Zip is recommended.
  2. 2.5. Report your problem to Sony with the following items.
    • - [PMH_Log_Files] at step 1.7
    • - Compressed [PMBEnvCheck] folder at step 2.4
    • - Screenshot(s) when the problem occurd (step 1.8)