Installation of PlayMemories Home

Download the PlayMemories Home installer (PMHOME_******.zip).

Open the downloaded file and start the installer (PMHOME_******.exe).

When the [Welcome to the PlayMemories Home installer] message appears, click [Next].

  • If the latest version of PlayMemories Home is already installed, this message does not appear and PlayMemories Home starts instead.

When the [License agreement and privacy policy] window opens, read the text, select whether to accept or not, and click [Next].

When the [Install the program] window opens, click [Install].

  • The destination folder can be changed by clicking [Change…].

When the [Add Folders] window appears, check the box of the folder which includes images you want to manage on PlayMemories Home, then click [Next].

When the introduction window for PlayMemories Online (Free) appears, click either [Use PlayMemories Online.] or [Do not use PlayMemories Online.].

You can start using PlayMemories Online later.

Wait until PlayMemories Home starts.

When it starts, the installation has been completed.

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Camera Authentication

The following steps are required to add the specific features of the camera (such as AVCHD) to PlayMemories Home. If you have more than one Sony cameras, repeat the steps from 9 to 12 for each camera.

Turn on the camera and connect it to the computer using the supplied USB cable.

  • Do not use a USB hub. Connect the cable directly to the USB terminal on the computer.

When the [To use ***** (product name) with PlayMemories Home, the USB operation mode must be changed. Do you want to continue?] message appears, click [Yes].

  • USB operation mode indicates USB connection settings such as [MTP] or [Mass Storage]. This message appears because PlayMemories Home cannot import images with the [MTP] setting.

When the [Thank you for purchasing ***** (product name).] message appears, click [OK].

When the message for product registration appears, select [Yes] or [No].

  • If you select [Yes], follow the messages displayed on the window.
  • Your product can be registered later from [Help] > [Product Registration].
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