Remote Camera Tool does not recognize the camera.

  • If the [IP Address Setting] is set to [Auto] (automatic IP address acquisition)
    • If you are not using a router, first disconnect from Wi-Fi and other network connections.
    • If you still cannot connect after trying the above, try connecting with a static IP address.
  • If the [IP Address Setting] is set to [Manual] (using a static IP address)
    • From the camera's MENU - [Network] - [Wired LAN Setting], refer to the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway, then set the IP Address, Subnet Mask and router on the computer's network.

The connected camera does not appear on the device selection window.

If a firewall is turned on, the camera may not be recognized. Try one of the following:

  • Turn off the firewall using the security software settings. Alternatively, register the Remote Camera Tool as an exception to the firewall.
  • Change the configuration of the ports as follows to enable communications.
    • Remote port
      • UDP port: 1900, 32768 - 61000
      • TCP port: 64321, 15740
    • Local port
      • UDP port: 1900, 49152 - 65535
      • TCP port: 49152 - 65535
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