Find your favorite shot from a large number of photos -- Sharing and central
management as you want

Sony's PlayMemories Home enables you to manage and edit photos and videos on your PC.
Organize your photos/videos by the date they were taken,
camera/lens used and other attributes.
Efficient search and sharing features allows you to have a comfortable photo life.

Installing PlayMemories Home (Ver.6.0.00) (64bit version)

When updating from a version before 6.0, some functions will not be available anymore.
For details, see the Notice of update contents.

PlayMemories Home Ver. 5.5 (32-bit OS version) is no longer available for download as of March 31, 2020.
Action Cam Movie Creator is no longer available for download as of March 31, 2022.

The following devices are not supported:

How to install PlayMemories Home here

PlayMemories Home support here

Recommended computer environment here

PlayMemories Home Q&A here

Download Mac version here

What's New

Sort photos by your preference

Even if a large number of photos are imported, photos/videos can be displayed in a clean list separated by which camera or lens they were taken with. The list display can be used instead of folder views, allowing you to find photos easily.

Photos can be gathered and shared intuitively

Photos can also be shared in their original size without any stress. Photos can also be shared over the cloud or on social networks.

Central management of all your photos over the cloud

With PlayMemories Online, you can manage all your photos and videos stored on your camera and smartphone in one place. Not only that, there is no limit to the number of photos you can upload to the cloud!
* Photos automatically uploaded with All Sync function will be resized to 1920 pixel wide in longitudinal direction.
* Videos or manually uploaded photos are limited to 5GB.

Register with PlayMemories Online here

Convenient for data saving and distributing

You can not only import/export the photos and videos,
but also create the disk and print.

[Edit/Still image]

Basic editing functions provided

Red eye correction and trimming for photos, cutting and merging of videos, and
creating the still image from the video can be performed easily.


Easy multi-view video creation

You can create the multi-view video by composing
the images from up to 4 cameras into a single screen.

※Depending on your country or region, there is a function that can not be used.