Displaying images in Map View

Display images that you recorded using your camera in Map View for PlayMemories Home.
You can display recording location information for images taken with a camera that supports GPS log recording.
To use Map View, connect your computer to the Internet.
Map View is only available for PlayMemories Home (Windows). It is not available for PlayMemories Home (Mac).

Click [Tools] > [Map View].

Drag and drop the images (photos/videos) that you want to display in Map View into the area on the right, then click [Next] to open the [MapView] window.

If the message [When this function is in use, the latitude/longitude information is sent to the server of the map service providing company.] appears, click [OK].

Click the thumbnails lined up in the left area of the [MapView] window to display the images on the map. Images recorded with location information appear as red pin icons. If the camera supports GPS log recording, the locations are displayed on the map.

When you select images without recorded location information, the message [There are no images with recorded location information in the images selected.] appears in the [MapView] window.

If you click this image, the message [An image without position information was chosen. Do you place the selected image on the map?] will appear.
Click [OK] to display a yellow pin icon () on the map. Set a location and then click [OK]. The pin icon will turn red.

If you want to change the location information, click the red pin icon. Click the [Properties] tab and then [Edit position] or [Edit direction].

To change the location, click [Edit position] and then drag and drop the yellow pin icon.
To change the direction, click [Edit direction] and then drag the yellow pin icon around the red pin icon.

To save the Map View, click the [] button in the lower right of the window and then click [Save Map View as a new file].
The message [The screen status of the present image will be saved.] will appear. Input the desired name for the Map View and then click [Save].

  • The Map View will be saved to [Documents] > [Sony PMB] > [MapView].
  • To display the saved Map View again, click the [] button in the lower right of the window and then click the name of the Map View.
  • To send the Map View via email, click the [] button in the lower right of the window and then click [Email selected Map View].
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