For Samsung Galaxy series and LG G3 users

If you are using Samsung Galaxy series or LG G3 with Android OS 5.0 and having a connection issue, please refer to the workaround stated as below.

Samsung Galaxy series

If your smartphone is Samsung Galaxy with Android 5.0, please disable "Smart network switch" in Wi-Fi setting.


Follow the instructions below. Do not use NFC One-touch connection in this case.

1. Delete existing Wi-Fi setting with Camera

  • 1.1. Tap Setting icon.

  • 1.2. Tap [Wi-Fi].

  • 1.3. Long Tap SSID of your camera. (f.e:Direct-*****)

  • 1.4. Tap [Forget network].

2. Create new Wi-Fi setting with Camera manually then run PlayMemoriesMobile

  • 2.1. Tap SSID of your camera.

  • 2.2. Put password of your camera then tap [Connect].

    • Password input is required only at the first time connection .
  • 2.3. Confirm [Connected] with your camera then tap Home button.

  • 2.4. Tap PlayMemories Mobile icon.

  • 2.5. Tap SSID of your camera.

    • The camera is connected.
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