If you have any trouble using the PlayMemories™ application, refer to the following FAQ (frequently asked questions).


Waht do I need to use PlayMemories™?

You need the following to use PlayMemories™:
- PlayStation®3™ system software version 3.60 or later
- A PlayStation®Network account (an Internet connection is required)

To view 3D photographs, you also need the following:
- A 3D TV that complies with the HDMI 3D standard, such as a BRAVIA 3D TV
- A high-speed HDMI cable

* Refer to the manufacturer's official website for information about compatible TVs and other system requirements.


How can I get PlayMemories™?

You can download the PlayMemories™ application from PlayStation®Store for free. Install it as follows:
1) Connect your PlayStation®3™ system to the network.
2) Sign up for a PlayStation®Network account.
3) Sign in to PlayStation®Network and launch PlayStation®Store.
4) Download PlayMemories™.
5) Install the PlayMemories™ application by selecting it under [Game] in the XMB™ menu.

<Launch of distribution service of PlayMemories Studio™>
Distribution of a new application, PlayMemories Studio™*, at PlayStation®Store commenced on 27th March 2012. The application enables you to play back or edit images and movies.
Distribution of PlayMemories™ ended as of 27th March 2012, and support for PlayMemories™ ended in late September 2012.
* There is a paid version, and complimentary trial version (all features, free for 30 days).


Can I use PlayMemories™ with a non-3D TV?

Yes, you can. However, 3D images are reproduced as 2D.


Can I use PlayMemories™ although I do not have 3D photos?

You can use it for 2D photos as managing or browsing software. However, 3D or panoramic photos enable you to enjoy it more.


Can I use PlayMemories™ to view photographs that I have not imported into PlayMemories™?

Yes, you can view JPEG and MPF files with PlayMemories™ even if you have not imported them into PlayMemories™.
When PlayMemories™ starts up, it automatically loads and displays JPEG and MPF files on the XMB™ menu.

* With PlayMemories™ version 1.2 or later, you can also view files on the XMB™ menu by selecting [Synchronize with XMB™] from the menu screen.


How do I import photographs into PlayMemories™?

Import them from the [Import Photographs] menu in PlayMemories™.

You can import photographs from a device connected as a USB Mass Storage device, or from a memory card. You can also import files in the DCF folder and files or folders located in the root folder.

* You can also view photographs saved under [Photo] in the XMB™ menu that have not been imported into PlayMemories™.


Which file formats can be viewed?

JPEG and MPF file formats can be viewed. MPF is a format for 3D photos.


Can I view photographs in PlayMemories™ under [Photo] in the XMB™ menu?

Yes. To export and view photographs (JPEG/MPF files) in PlayMemories™ under [Photo] in the XMB™ menu, select [Synchronize with XMB™] from the main menu on the title screen.

* This feature is available in PlayMemories™ version 1.2 and later.


Can I play and delete videos?

Videos cannot be played or deleted on PlayMemories™.


How do I update to the latest version of PlayMemories™ on my PlayStation®3 system?

Start up PlayMemories™ with your PlayStation®3 system connected to the Internet.
If the version of PlayMemories™ installed on your PlayStation®3 system is not the latest, the following message will appear:
"The latest update data has been found. The system will quit this software and start installing."
Select [OK] and press the button to start the update.

Note on the update:
To install PlayMemories™ version 1.2, PlayStation®3 system software version 3.60 or later is required. You cannot update PlayMemories™ using a computer or storage media such as Memory Stick media.


What are the differences between version 1.0 and version 1.2?

Photo type: You can switch between viewing different types of photographs, such as 3D or multi angle.
Press the L1 button or the R1 button to switch between types of photos.

Synchronizing with XMB™: You can view photographs in PlayMemories™ from [Photo] on the XMB™ menu. To do this, select [Synchronize with XMB™] from the title screen.

Rotating photographs: You can rotate photographs 90 degrees.
When a single photo is displayed on the screen, you can rotate the photo by pressing the L2 or R2 button.

Viewing multi angle photographs in 3D: You can view multi angle photographs in 3D.


If I rotate or delete a photograph in PlayMemories™ and perform [Synchronize with XMB™], is the photograph also rotated or deleted in [Photo] in the XMB™ menu?

No, the photographs under [Photo] in the XMB™ menu are not rotated or deleted.


How can I check the PlayMemories™ version?

Select the PlayMemories™ icon under [Photo] on the XMB™ menu, and then press the button. From the displayed menu, select [Information] and press the button. The version will be displayed. You can also check the version from the [Viewing Photographs] screen of PlayMemories™ by pressing the SELECT button and then the button.


How can I enlarge a photo to more than 100%?

Display the photo at 100% magnification, and then move the right stick upward again.