Viewing photographs

When you start the PlayMemories™ application, photographs loaded into the PlayMemories™ application and photographs saved on the PlayStation®3 system hard disk are displayed.

Selecting photographs

To view a photograph, select the image you want to display from the thumbnail images, which are shown in various aspect ratios.

Use the directional buttons to select the photograph you want to view. Press thebutton to view the photograph in full-screen mode.


To display information about the photograph, press thebutton.
You can also view other photographs by pressing the left or right buttons.

Rotating photographs

When photographs are displayed one at a time, you can rotate the photographs by pressing either the L2 button or the R2 button.

*Press and hold the up button to display photographs one at a time.
*You cannot rotate 3D photographs and multi angle photographs.
*This feature is available in PlayMemories™ version 1.2 and later.

Grouping photographs

You can quickly sort the photographs by the date and time they were taken just by using the directional buttons.

To sort and group the photographs by the date and time they were taken, press the down button.

bottom button

Press the up button to cancel grouping.

top directional button

Photographs can be grouped in the following categories.

  • "Day"Group by the day on which photographs were taken.
  • "Month"Group by the month in which photographs were taken.
  • "Year"Group by the year in which photographs were taken.

Sorting photographs

Every time you press either the L1 button or the R1 button, the photos are sorted by a different filter type.
*This feature is available in PlayMemories™ version 1.2 and later.

  • 【Filter types】
  • All Photographs
  • 3D Photographs
  • Multi Angle Photographs
  • Photographs imported to PlayMemories™ within the last seven days


Select a photograph and press the START button to view a slideshow.

Select the photograph that you want to start the slideshow with, and then press the START button.
Before the slideshow begins, a menu will appear. Adjust the following settings before starting the slideshow.

  • [Speed]Select the slideshow speed.
  • [Sort]Select the photograph display order.
  • [Repeat]Select the slideshow repeat setting.
  • [Music]Select the slideshow BGM.

Deleting photographs

Select the photograph you want to delete and press thebutton to delete.
You can also delete photographs as a group.


If you delete photographs you can no longer view them with PlayMemories™, but they will not be deleted from the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) menu. To delete the photographs permanently, select the images under[Photo] in the XMB™ menu, and then delete the photograph.