Notice to Owners of Overseas models
June 3, 2010
Sony Corporation
Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc
Sony Customer Service(Japan) Inc
Thank you for your support and patronage of Sony products.
Sony terminated and will terminate the free out-of-warranty repair for models of coverd digital still cameras.
For details, please refer to the following web page.
Notice to Owners of Overseas models Digital Still Camera and Camcorder
"Covered models are added.(2006/11/24)"
[ October 3 , 2005 ]

Thank you for your support and patronage of Sony products.

It has recently come to our attention that a limited number of Sony Overseas models of Digital Still Camera and Camcorder that incorporate an image sensor device, or CCD, manufactured from October 2002 through March 2004 may exhibit the following condition:

When the product is used in camera mode, the LCD panel and/or electronic
viewfinder exhibits either a distorted image or no image.

We have determined that this condition only occurs to a limited number of units, but may be accelerated if the units are exposed to high temperature and humidity environments.

In its effort to insure customer satisfaction, Sony has elected to offer a free out of warranty repair to the owners of applicable products exhibiting the above-mentioned condition caused by the image sensor device. Accordingly, customers who have the product set forth below and such product exhibits the above-mentioned condition may contact the special call center set forth below for free out of warranty repair of such product:


[ Affected product model name ]

  • DCR-TRV18
  • DCR-TRV18E
  • DCR-TRV22
  • DCR-TRV22E
  • DCR-TRV27
  • DCR-TRV27E
  • DCR-TRV33
  • DCR-TRV33E
  • DCR-TRV38
  • DCR-TRV38E
  • DCR-TRV40E
  • DCR-TRV250
  • DCR-TRV250E
  • DCR-TRV265
  • DCR-TRV265E
  • DCR-TRV340
  • DCR-TRV340E
  • DCR-TRV740
  • DCR-TRV740E
  • DCR-TRV940
  • DCR-TRV940E
  • DCR-PC101
  • DCR-PC101E
  • DCR-PC105
  • DCR-PC105E
  • DCR-PC115
  • DCR-PC115E
  • DCR-IP45
  • DCR-IP45E
  • DCR-HC20
  • DCR-HC20E
  • DCR-HC30
  • DCR-HC30E
  • DCR-VX2000
  • DCR-VX2000E
  • DCR-VX2100
  • DCR-VX2100E
  • DCR-DVD101
  • DCR-DVD101E
  • CCD-TRV107
  • CCD-TRV107E
  • CCD-TRV418
  • CCD-TRV418E
  • CCD-TRV428
  • CCD-TRV428E
    <Digital still camera>
  • DSC-P2
  • DSC-P31
  • DSC-P32
  • DSC-P51
  • DSC-P52
  • DSC-P7
  • DSC-P71
  • DSC-P72
  • DSC-P8
  • DSC-P92
  • DSC-P10
  • DSC-U10
  • DSC-U20
  • DSC-U30
  • DSC-U60
  • DSC-V1
  • DSC-F717
  • MVC-CD400
    [ Contact Information ]

    Contact in Japan
    Sony DI Call Center
    Toll-free number : 0 1 2 0 - 5 5 6 - 3 5 5

    (accessible from cellular/PHS phones)
    Operating hours : Monday through Friday - 9:00 to 18:00
    Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - 9:00 to 17:00
    * Excluding year-end/new year holidays
    * Customers who have the products set forth on the above-mentioned and have previously paid for service for CCD replacement (as outlined above) may also contact the special call center set forth on the above-mentioned.
    Contact outside Japan
    Please contact a nearest Sony service center written on the backside of warranty card.

    Thank you for your understanding of this situation.


    Sony Corporation
    Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.
    Sony EMCS Corporation

    * Private information control policy
    Personal information, such as your name and/or mailing address, provided to the contact above will be kept and used only for the free repair service. The information will be strictly controlled and will not be used for any other purposes.
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