PlayMemories Home does not start.

Follow the procedures below in order until the problem is solved.

Disable the virtual drive if it has been created.

Restart the computer.

Update PlayMemories Home to the latest version.

Execute the Settings Initialization Tool.

  1. Start the Settings Initialization Tool.
    For Windows 10
    Select [Start] > [All apps] > [PlayMemories Home] > [PlayMemories Home Setting Initialization Tool].
    For Windows 8.1
    Open the Apps screen, and select [PlayMemories-Home] > [PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool].
    For Windows 7
    Select [Start] > [All Programs] > [PlayMemories Home] > [PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool].
  2. Check [Restore the program to its default settings]. Click [Start] and follow the messages.
  3. In the [Add folders] window, uncheck all items.
  4. In the PlayMemories Online setting window, check [Do not use PlayMemories Online.].
  5. Start PlayMemories Home, click [File] > [Add Folders...], then check the box of folders you want to add and click.
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