It takes a long time to import images or update the database.

Importing images requires updating the database, which may take a long time depending on the amount of data.

PlayMemories Home updates the database when installing or importing images. It takes a longer time in the following cases.

  • When more than 10,000 images are stored in PlayMemories Home.
  • When a large amount of movie files are stored.
  • When browsing the images stored on an external hard disk or on a drive connected with network.

If the symptom does not improve, follow the procedures below until the problem is solved.

  1. Start the Settings Initialization Tool.
    For Windows 10
    Select [Start] > [All apps] > [PlayMemories Home] > [PlayMemories Home Setting Initialization Tool].
    For Windows 8.1
    Open the Apps screen, and select [PlayMemories-Home] > [PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool].
    For Windows 7
    Select [Start] > [All Programs] > [PlayMemories Home] > [PlayMemories Home Settings Initialization Tool].
  2. Check [Restore the program to its default settings]. Click [Start] and follow the messages.
  3. In the [Add folders] window, uncheck all items.
  4. In the PlayMemories Online setting window, check [Do not use PlayMemories Online.].
  5. If your PlayMemories Home is Ver.5.5.00 or older, start the Settings Initialization Tool again, check [DLNA Off] and click [Start].
  6. Start PlayMemories Home, click [File] > [Add Folders...], then check the box of folders you want to add and click.
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