The [X] mark appears in the thumbnail and the image cannot be seen.

If you change folder names or delete/move folders without using PlayMemories Home, images are not displayed.

If you change folder names, delete folders, or move folders using Explorer or other software, PlayMemories Home cannot detect it and shows the [X] mark instead of images.

Update the database or refresh the folder to clear the unnecessary data.

To update the database, select [Tools] > [Update Database]. This may take time.

To refresh the folder, select the folder which contains the images with [X], and select [View] > [Refresh]. If you don't remember which folder contains images with [X], select the thumbnail with [X] and select [File] > [Properties] to find the file location.

These operations clear the unnecessary data such as the [X] mark, but do not erase images.

Select [File] > [Add folders…] to add the new folders which contain the correct images.

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