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RAW data application software "Image Data Converter " Support
RAW data application software "Image Data Converter"
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    * This is the support website for Image Data Converter Ver.4.0 or later.

  • Image Data Converter is application software to handle RAW data recorded with "α" series cameras. It allows you to adjust settings such as brightness or color on each RAW image, and convert it to the JPEG or TIFF format.

In October 2011, "Image Data Converter", whose usability has been greatly improved, was released after unifying the features of "Image Data Lightbox SR" and "Image Data Converter SR".

  • Workflow

    You will find the basic workflow from taking pictures with RAW format to saving in other image format such as JPEG, using "α" camera and the supplied software.

  • Operations

    Explains how to operate each function of Image Data Converter in details.

    Opening image files
About RAW data

Briefly explains about RAW data, handled by this software, answering questions such as "what does "processing of RAW data" mean?" and "which is better for the image quality setting, RAW or RAW&JPEG?".

About RAW data

∗ To edit images other than RAW data such as JPEG images or videos, use “PlayMemories Home”.

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