Import MAC Address

When you need to supply the MAC address of the camera you are using to a third party, such as the sponsor when taking photos at a large-scale event, or the like, you can import the camera’s MAC address into the Transfer & Tagging and then send it to the person requesting it. The MAC address is displayed as a QR code on the camera, and this is scanned by the Transfer & Tagging. You can import both Wi-Fi and wired LAN MAC addresses.

Supported Cameras

  • ILCE-1
  • ILCE-9M3
  • ILCE-9M2
    • Requires Transfer & Tagging add-on 1.2 or later and camera system software (firmware) Ver.2.00 or later.
  • ILCE-7RM5
  • ILCE-7SM3
    • For Android smartphones: Requires Transfer & Tagging add-on 1.2.1 or later.
  • ILCE-7CR, 7CM2, 7C
  • ILCE-7M4


  1. Start the Transfer & Tagging, and tap (Menu) → [Import Camera's MAC Address] → [Next].
    • The Scan QR Code screen is displayed.
  2. While holding down the camera’s (Play) button, move the camera’s ON/OFF (Power) switch to the ON position.
    • A QR code is displayed on the camera’s monitor. This QR code contains both the Wi-Fi and wired LAN MAC addresses.
  3. Scan with a smartphone the QR code displayed on the camera.
    • Touch [OK] to store the scanned information. You can also scan QR codes from other cameras.
  4. After scanning the QR codes from all the cameras, tap [List of Scan Results] → [Share as text] or [Share as file].
    • If you select [Share as file], you can then share the information by attaching a CSV file to an email, or the like.
  5. Select [Wi-Fi + LAN], [Wi-Fi only], or [LAN only] to specify the MAC address or addresses you wish to share.
    • Note that if you select [Wi-Fi + LAN], it will not be possible to distinguish between the wired LAN and Wi-Fi addresses from the shared information alone.
  6. Select the application to use for sharing.
    • Camera information is listed in the following order: MAC address, model, file name setting, serial number.
      Example :
    • The scanned MAC addresses are not retained after the application is closed.