How to use

*1 Images can be imported by one of the following methods.

  • Importing images wirelessly using the camera's FTP Transfer Func.
  • Importing images using Imaging Edge Mobile
  • Importing images using a USB connection (Android only)

*2 Adding tags/captions, cropping, etc.

1. Installing the application

  1. Install Transfer & Tagging add-on to your mobile device.
  2. Start up Transfer & Tagging add-on, and create or sign in to your Sony account in accordance with the instructions.
    For instructions, see "4. How to use online function" > "4.3. Registering an account / Signing in."
  3. When the settings screen for importing still images appears, proceed to “2. Connection and importing images.”
  • For Android OS, if you set this app as a power-saving exception, it will operate even when the smartphone is in sleep mode.
  • For iOS, if the smartphone goes into sleep mode or you run another app, the app will stop operations such as importing.
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