Main Window of "PlayMemories Home"

Parts and controls of main window

A. Display switching area


Click to switch view modes (Thumbnail/Details/Calendar View).


You can search photos or videos by information like the file name, comment, label, rating, media file type or the name of the camera you took the photos or videos with.

B. Tool area

From the tool area, the following operations are available for photos and videos.
- Importing from a camera, memory card, etc.
- Exporting to a camera, memory card, etc.
- Editing photos and videos
- Develop RAW Image
- Creating a disc
- Opening photos and videos using an application other than "PlayMemories Home"
(Set the application in advance in the settings menu.)
- Uploading to "PlayMemories Online"


- After connecting Sony digital video camera or digital camera, various functions will be available on "PlayMemories Home" depending on the connected device.


- Some functions may not be available depending on your country/region.

C. Media file locations


Click to display the information (latest software update, etc.) from Sony in a list.


Click to display media files imported to "PlayMemories Home" and those uploaded to "PlayMemories Online" all together.


Click to display media files rated with .

Cameras and media:

Click to display media files stored on the connected camera or on recording media, such as a memory card or disc.

My Collections:

Click to display media files categorized by themes such as "Traveling," "Families," and "Hobbies."

Friends' Collections:

Click to display the information shared by your friends and families.

Hard disk:

Click to display media files from a folder on a drive of the PC or an external hard disk drive.

D. Thumbnail icons

Sweep Multi Angle photo

RAW data



Voice memo

3D photo/3D Sweep Panorama photo/video recorded in 3D

Media files uploaded to "PlayMemories Online"

Edited media files

Video to which Highlight playback is saved

Main media file in a burst group

Media file with GPS location information

Media file imported last time

Action camcorder tracking information

4K videos

Videos recorded in high-speed

Videos created with "Create Multi View"

Sound Photo

Video recorded at the same time

Markers of Face recognition

Markers of Smile recognition

Markers of Highlight

Markers of Still Image Capture

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