Cannot connect

Remote cannot recognize the camera.
(A message saying it is not possible to connect to the camera is displayed, or the camera does not appear in the device selection window.)

Device selection window

device selection window
  • When using access authentication to encrypt communication

    On cameras with an access authentication setting (including cameras to which an access authentication setting has been added by updating the system software), update to the latest version of Imaging Edge Desktop (Remote/Viewer/Edit) to connect via Wi-Fi or wired LAN.

  • Camera settings

    To use Remote, you need to set the camera to the [PC Remote] mode. Ensure that [PC Remote] is activated by selecting [USB Connection] or [PC Remote Function] from the MENU of the camera.

  • When using the Mac version

    If you launch Remote while an online storage application or an application that operates the camera remotely is running, the message [Camera is not connected.] may appear and you may be unable to connect. In this case, quit these applications and wait for about one minute. Then relaunch Remote.

  • When using a web conferencing system such as Imaging Edge Webcam

    When installing Imaging Edge Webcam, first specify a setting other than [Sony Camera (Imaging Edge)] as the camera setting in the web conferencing system and then quit all web conferencing systems.

  • When connecting via Wi-Fi

    Click [Refresh] in the device selection window.

    If the firewall is ON, the camera may not be recognized.
    Turn OFF security software such as Windows® Defender or register Imaging Edge Remote as a firewall exception.

    Firewall settings for Windows® Defender in Windows®10 can be changed by following the steps below.

    Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Firewall & network protection

  • When using the Windows version, and a driver manufactured by SILEX is installed

    If a Device Server driver manufactured by SILEX is installed, the camera may not be recognized via a USB connection. Update the driver to the latest version. You can download the latest version of the driver from <SILEX website>.

  • If you tried the above and still cannot connect

    Try the following.

    • Restart your computer.
    • Upgrade Imaging Edge Desktop to the latest version. (Launch Imaging Edge Desktop and click the [Update] button, if displayed.)
    • If a USB cable was provided with the camera, use the supplied USB cable.

How to use/Specifications

Is this software supported by 32-bit OSs?

No, it is not.

What settings should I make to register and use external programs?

  • For Adobe Bridge or Photoshop
    1. Register Adobe Bridge or Adobe Photoshop to Imaging Edge.
    2. Launch Imaging Edge (Remote), select [File] - [Settings], and uncheck [Display preview in Viewer].
  • For Capture One 10
    1. Launch Imaging Edge (Remote), select [File] - [Settings], and uncheck [Display preview in Viewer].
    2. Launch Capture One, and select [Camera] - [Hot Folder Enabled].
    3. In the [Save in] option in Imaging Edge, select the same folder set in [Select Hot Folder...] for Capture One.
  • For Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC
    1. Launch Imaging Edge (Remote), select [File] - [Settings], and uncheck [Display preview in Viewer].
    2. Launch Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC, and select [File] - [Auto Import] - [Enable Auto Import].
    3. In the [Save in] option in Imaging Edge, select the same folder set in [Auto Import Settings] for Lightroom.

The above information is as of the end of October 2017. Refer to the support websites of individual manufacturers for the latest specifications of each software.

I want to apply settings that I adjusted while developing RAW data to multiple images at once.

You can apply adjusted settings to multiple images at once. Refer here for the procedure.

About the Sony Account

Do I need to sign in to use Imaging Edge Desktop?

When you sign in with your Sony Account to register your camera online to your My Page, you can browse related announcements. If you are only using Imaging Edge Desktop, you do not need to register or sign in.

Is the Sony Account the same thing as a Creators' Cloud membership?

When you subscribe to a Creators' Cloud membership, you can use the various features pertaining to Sony digital cameras. A Sony Account is required when subscribing to a Creators' Cloud membership. A Sony Account is used not only for the Creators' Cloud membership but also for Playstation and other included Sony services.

What is the difference between Creators' Cloud membership and Imaging Edge membership?

Imaging Edge membership has been renamed to Creators' Cloud membership. If you are already registered with an Imaging Edge membership, you will be transitioned to a Creators' Cloud membership automatically. You can continue to use the same email address and password as before.

I want to cancel my Creators' Cloud membership registration.

Cancel your registration from the following URL.

Only the Creators' Cloud membership can be canceled from this site. Your Sony Account registration will remain active.

I want to terminate my Sony Account.

Unsubscribe from all the services to which you subscribed using your Sony Account. Your Sony Account will be terminated automatically when you unsubscribe from your last service provided by Sony.


The software's operations become unstable on a Mac computer with a graphics processor (GPU) manufactured by NVIDIA.

The issue may be improved by updating the graphics card driver or OS to the latest version.

The thumbnails are not displayed when I select the thumbnail display mode in Viewer.

Press the [Refresh] button to display the thumbnails.

[Refresh] button

Also, HEIF images that can be shot with some cameras can be imported to the PC as image files, but they cannot be displayed using Viewer or Edit.

Sometimes Viewer does not launch, or stops responding.

There was an issue in which Imaging Edge - Viewer stops responding after you access a folder that contains TIFF files created using another manufacturer's software. However, the issue is solved in the latest version of Imaging Edge.
Please use the latest version of Imaging Edge.

[For Mac] Launching Viewer takes a very long time.

There is a confirmed issue in which it takes a long time to access folders to which images are saved on a NAS drive.
We are currently looking into a solution for this issue.

I cannot import images to the computer.

You cannot use Imaging Edge Desktop (Remote/Viewer/Edit) to import images. You can import images from the camera to a computer by connecting the camera to the computer with a USB cable, or by inserting the memory card of the camera into the computer.
Open the folder in which the images you want to import are stored on the computer, and then copy the images to the computer.

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  • NVIDIA and GeForce are registered trademarks or trademarks of NVIDIA.
  • Capture One is a registered trademark or trademark of Phase One A/S in the European Union and/or other countries.