If you are using iOS 14 or later

A message appears saying [“Transfer & Tagging add-on” Would Like to Access Your Photos.].

If this message appears when trying to import or export images in linkage with Imaging Edge Mobile, select [Allow Access to All Photos].

A message appears saying [“Transfer & Tagging add-on” would like to find and connect to devices on your local network.].

Select [OK]. The initial connection will fail. When you perform the procedure to re-upload images, the upload will succeed.

I cannot import or export images via Imaging Edge Mobile.

On the iPhone/iPad, select [Settings] → [Transfer & Tagging add-on] → [Photos], then select [All Photos].

When I try to connect to the upload destination FTP server, a message says there is no network connection and I cannot connect.

On the iPhone/iPad, select [Settings] → [Transfer & Tagging add-on], then set [Local Network] to ON.

When using the iPhone 12 or later

I cannot connect wirelessly to the camera using Personal Hotspot.

When using the iPhone 12 or later and the ILCE-9, ILCE-7RM3A, ILCE-7RM3, or ILCE-7M3, it is sometimes not possible to connect to the camera wirelessly using Personal Hotspot. In this case, go to [Settings] → [Personal Hotspot] → [Maximize Compatibility] on the iPhone and slide the switch to the ON position.

About connections

In case Wi-Fi connection is interrupted, will it be reconnected automatically? And in this case, will un-transferred images be transferred when the connection resumes?

[iOS/Android] In case the Wi-Fi connection between the smartphone and the camera is disconnected, the un-transferred images will be transferred when the connection resumes.

About transfers

Can I transfer (import) RAW or HEIF images, or images with voice memos?

Generally, only JPEG images can be transferred using the Transfer & Tagging add-on. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can also transfer HEIF images.

  • You cannot transfer HEIF images via USB mass storage connection. Transfer via other methods, metadata editing, and FTP uploading of HEIF images are possible, but trimming or resizing images is not supported.
  • Voice memos (WAV) generally can be transferred, but transfer of voice memos via USB mass storage connection is not supported on iOS.

When images are imported to the smartphone via USB connection, is it possible to save images to the SD card?

When importing images by USB connection, they are always saved in the internal memory.

I am using a USB (mass storage) connection between my iOS device and the camera, but the camera is not recognized.

  • You may need to use an adapter.
  • There must be one or more images stored on the memory card.
  • You need to authorize access to files and folders in Transfer & Tagging add-on. In iOS Settings, select [Privacy] → [Files and Folders] → [Transfer] → ON.

About the Sony Account

Do I need to sign in to use the Transfer & Tagging add-on?

Yes, you need to sign in to use the Transfer & Tagging add-on. By signing in to My Page, you can create and edit your Caption Glossary. You can also register your camera and view relevant notifications.

  • If the maximum number of devices is exceeded, or updating of authentication information fails because of a communication error, etc. you will be signed out. With Transfer & Tagging add-on Ver. 1.1 or later, you can continue to use the service for several days in this state.
    However, in order to use the following functions you will be required to sign in again:
    • Imaging Edge online functions (Caption Glossary syncing, Caption Glossary genre updating, etc.)
    • Voice Memo text conversion (Supported cameras only. Refer to <Supported Cameras> for a list of supported models.)
    • Caption voice input
  • In addition, if you do not use the app for more than a certain amount of time, you will be signed out. In this case, simply sign in again.

Is the Sony Account the same thing as an Imaging Edge membership?

When you subscribe to an Imaging Edge membership, you can use the various features pertaining to Sony digital cameras. A Sony Account is required when subscribing to an Imaging Edge membership. A Sony Account is used not only for the Imaging Edge membership but also for Playstation and other included Sony services.

I want to cancel my Imaging Edge membership registration.

Cancel your registration from the following URL.

Only the Imaging Edge membership can be canceled from this site. Your Sony Account registration will remain active.

I want to terminate my Sony Account.

Unsubscribe from all the services to which you subscribed using your Sony Account. Your Sony Account will be terminated automatically when you unsubscribe from your last service provided by Sony.


The Transfer & Tagging add-on suddenly stopped working.

It stops when the smartphone enters sleep mode (panel off) or when you press the Home button.
For Android, you can avoid this by setting the application as a power-saving exception.

The Transfer & Tagging add-on does not work properly.

It may not work properly if another application (such as a game) is running in front of it.

I changed the device name on the camera menu, but the name of the camera has not changed as a target for loading the server configuration in Transfer & Tagging add-on.

After changing the device name, try loading the FTP settings in the camera. If the device name is still not updated after loading settings, either wait a while and try again or restart your smartphone and reload the settings.

(Android only) When loading FTP server information in the camera, I was asked to authorize use of precise location data.

You should authorize use of precise location data because this information is necessary to detect the camera.

(Android only) When I try to use items from a Caption Glossary created in Ver. 1.5 or later of Transfer & Tagging add-on in Ver. 1.4.0 or earlier, the items are cut off at the end.

The maximum number of characters that can be input per item in the Caption Glossary increased in Ver. 1.5 and later to 100 characters. When using Ver. 1.4.0 or earlier for Android, any characters that exceed the limit (41st and subsequent characters) are deleted from the end of the entry when you edit the Caption Glossary. To eliminate this issue, update the Transfer & Tagging add-on to the latest version.

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