Customizing access to frequently used menu items

Besides assigning frequently used functions to custom keys, you can also access preferred functions from the following menus.

  • Press the Fn (Function) button to access up to 12 functions displayed at the bottom of the monitor.
  • By choosing functions that you use less often than custom key functions to register to this menu, you can access them without using MENU.
  • Up to 30 items can be registered to (My Menu) in MENU.
  • Save time by accessing them directly, instead of looking for them in menus.

Function menu

Setting the camera

  1. [Function Menu Set.]

    After selecting MENU → (Camera Settings2) → [Function Menu Set.], select a function to change, and then select your preferred function.

Guide to using the camera

Functions available for the Function menu

* You can check which functions can be set to the Function menu by clicking the arrows on the left and right sides of the screen below to change the selection screen.

My Menu

Setting the camera

  1. My Menu

    After selecting MENU → (My Menu) → [Add Item], select items to add, and then select a position to add them to.

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Guide to using the camera


Rearranging registered menu items
  • After selecting MENU → (My Menu) → [Sort Item], select items to move, and then select the new position.
Removing registered menu items
  • After selecting MENU → (My Menu) → [Delete Item], select items to remove, and then press the center of the control wheel.
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*The menu screen images on this web page have been simplified for display purposes, and do not exactly reflect the actual screen display of the camera.

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