Switching the level of defocus in the background

When shooting a selfie, [Background Defocus] is helpful if you want to shoot both yourself and the background sharply in focus or defocus the background.

You can change the level of defocus in the background simply by pressing the button while shooting still images or movies.

The following are shooting instructions for recording a movie and switching the level of defocus in the background by using the [Background Defocus] function, with the camera focusing automatically on you.

Setting the camera

  1. Still/Movie/S&Q switch

    Select movie shooting mode using the Still/Movie/S&Q switch.

  2. [Shoot Mode]

    MENU → (Shooting) → [Shooting Mode] → [Shoot Mode] → desired shooting mode.
    When shooting a movie automatically with the camera, (Intelligent Auto) is convenient.

  3. [Focus Mode]

    MENU → (Focus) → [AF/MF] → [Focus Mode] → [Continuous AF].

  4. [Subject Recog in AF]

    MENU → (Focus) → [Subject Recognition] → [Subject Recog in AF] → [On].

  5. [Recognition Target]

    MENU → (Focus) → [Subject Recognition] → [Recognition Target] → [Human].

  6. [Sbj Recog Frm Disp.]

    MENU → (Focus) → [Subject Recognition] → [Sbj Recog Frm Disp.] → [On]

Guide to using the camera

This section describes the shooting steps if you have set [Shoot Mode] to (Intelligent Auto) when shooting a movie.

Shooting instructions

  1. Setting the position where you want to focus

    The following is the procedure for setting [ Focus Area] to [Wide].
    MENU → (Focus) → [Focus Area] → [Focus Area] → [Wide].

  2. Preparing the camera

    Open the monitor transversely, face it forward, and then point the lens at yourself.

  3. Checking the focus

    When a face or eye is detected and autofocus is enabled, a white detection frame appears around the face or eye.

    The eye is detected and autofocus is enabled.

  4. Changing the level of defocus in the background

    You can switch the level of defocus in the background ("Defocus"/"Clear") each time you press the (Background Defocus) button.
    * The [Background Defocus] function is assigned to the (Background Defocus) button in the default settings.

    [Background Defocus] mode: (Clear)


    • The aperture value becomes locked and the icon (Defocus) or (Clear) is indicated instead of the aperture value in the [Background Defocus] mode.
    • You can set the amount of background defocus when (Defocus) is indicated using [Defocus Level Set].
      MENU → (Shooting) → [Shooting Option] → [Defocus Level Set] → adjust the level of defocus by moving the slider using the control wheel and then select [OK].
    • When [Cinematic Vlog Set.] is set to [On], black bars are added at the top and bottom of the image, and the frame rate is locked to 24 fps. You can easily shoot cinematic images.
    • You can set the direction of sound pickup when using the built-in microphone. Select your desired setting using [Microphone Directivity].
  5. Shooting movies

    Press the MOVIE button to start recording.

    While recording a movie, the level of defocus in the background (Defocus/Clear) changes each time you press the Custom Key to which you have assigned [Background Defocus].

    Press the MOVIE button again to stop recording.

*The menu screen images on this web page have been simplified for display purposes, and do not exactly reflect the actual screen display of the camera.