Cannot install PlayMemories Home, or the installation starts but does not finish.

Follow the procedures below until the problem is solved.

When the installation starts, but does not finish:

PlayMemories Home downloads related files while the installation is being performed. Be sure to stay connected to the Internet until the installation has finished.

  1. If the [Downloading the installer…] message is displayed, select [Cancel], restart the computer, and install it again.
  2. If the [Cannot continue because communication with the network was lost.] message is displayed and if the connection is made via wireless LAN, use wired LAN.
  3. If the [Installing files...] message is displayed and you cannot select [Cancel], downloading has completed. Restart the computer and install it again.

Execute Windows Update before installing PlayMemories Home.

Uninstall Playmemories Home, then download the full-module installer (for Windows)

PlayMemories Home is normally installed by downloading related files during installation. The full-module installer, downloaded from the link below, allows you to install PlayMemories Home without downloading its related files during installation. This full-module installer also can be used to install PlayMemories Home to a computer not conneted to a network (Internet).

  • A network connection is necessary to download the full-module installer. It takes time to download depending on the network environment and the computer's operating environment.
  • Verify that your computer meets the PlayMemories Home system requirements beforehand.
  • The installer will be downloaded as PMHOME.exe.

Use the PlayMemories Home repair tool.

Disable the resident software and antivirus software before installing PlayMemories Home.

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